Why You Should Book a Charleston Bridal Session

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When it comes to traditional southern weddings, none would be complete without the all important bridal session. However, some Charleston brides are choosing to skip this type of photo session. Instead, they jump straight to wedding pictures. If you’re on the fence about this particular shoot don’t throw it out quite yet! There are numerous benefits that make a Charleston bridal session one I would recommend to any bride!


What is a Bridal Session?

If you’re new to the south you may not have heard of a bridal session! This is a shoot usually done a few months before the wedding featuring the bride in her full wedding day glory. From hair to florals everything about the bride is wedding day ready! The photos remain a secret until finally revealed on the big day, usually via a favorite framed photo from the session displayed by the cake and presented to the mother of the bride after the wedding. This sweet, long standing tradition will do more than just make your mom cry at the end of the night with her new treasured keepsake, it will allow you to feel more confident and prepared when your wedding day comes around!


The Benefits of a Bridal Session

A Charleston bridal session will give you a chance to have a trial run before the pressure is on for the big day. You’ll get to see how the hair, makeup, dress, and flower combination you’ve been dreaming about comes together in real time. This allows for any changes you may want to make before you put it all on again to say “I do!” It also gives you a chance to get more comfortable in your wedding day attire, freeing you up to better enjoy your special day. After all, what wedding shoes don’t need a little trial run to help break them in? 


Saying yes to a Charleston bridal also comes with invaluable photography benefits. First and foremost you’ll get a chance to get to know and get comfortable with your photographer. This bonding time can make you feel less stiff and nervous in front of the camera. Your photographer will be able to get to know you as well and learn how to make you laugh. Laughter definitely brings about some candid photo ops!

Additionally, by embracing a Charleston bridal you’ll have more time for other pictures on your big day: all the family combinations, lifelong friends, and of course display worthy couples shots you’ve been dreaming of! It also provides an opportunity to diversify your wedding pictures by choosing a different location you may have been hoping for but that doesn’t quite fit your wedding day plans.


All in all, a bridal session is something I think every bride should take advantage of. There’s no doubt that it paves the way for a smoother, less stress wedding day. These photo sessions provide that extra touch of sweetness and tradition Charleston weddings are known for. Plus what bride doesn’t want an excuse to wear her wedding dress more than once?

Love, Samantha Jean is a Charleston wedding photographer, specializing in photographing elopements and small weddings. Looking to book a top wedding photographer in Charleston for your bridal session?

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