How to Plan a Micro Wedding in Charleston

Planning a Micro Wedding

Weddings trends, like anything else, are never stagnant. As new generations of brides plan their big day everything is in a constant state of change. 

Remember a few years ago when burlap and lace was always in attendance? And who could forget the classic puff sleeves on wedding dresses in the 80s? As styles shift over the decades, it seems that everything gets bigger, from bridal parties to bouquets!

 However, could the next big thing actually be small? It seems that Charleston brides are saying goodbye to big, southern weddings and embracing a more intimate, personal twist to their special day: micro weddings!

What is a Micro Wedding?

The beauty of a micro wedding is that there is no single definition! A micro wedding, also referred to as an intimate wedding, can be whatever you want it to be. 

Although most micro weddings consist of 40 guests or less, the rest of the details are up to you. Each Charleston micro wedding is unique, reflecting the value and story of each couple in a way that traditional weddings aren’t always able to. 

With an intentional, limited guest list couples are free to celebrate the start of their life together with only their closest friends and family- no random coworker obligation invite!

Why Should I Ditch Tradition and Have an Intimate Wedding Instead?

One of the biggest benefits of choosing to have a Charleston micro wedding is the elimination of stress associated with planning a traditional wedding. When planning for a large event, you are restricted to only the venues, caterers, decorations, and other details that can accommodate every guest. You also will inevitably have people in attendance that aren’t your closest family and friends!

 Weddings in Charleston typically average a 250 guest count. There’s just no way around it. The larger the guest list the more limited your budget and therefore wedding itself has to be.

Micro weddings allow for your budget to be divided up in a more meaningful manner. 

Without paying for a large venue, you’ll have room in your budget for that destination film photographer whose portfolio is straight out of a daydream, that florist with the most unique blooms you’ve been drooling over, and that wedding planner sure to make your day run smoothly and stress free.

Is there a better way to make forever promises than surrounded by only the people you know will help you keep them, cared for by a carefully curated team of vendors you connect with, and basking in all of the intentional, personal touches you were able to invest in?

 Sixty years down the line when you’re looking back on your wedding day, you’re not going to remember your mom’s great aunt sitting in a sea of hundreds of people you may or may not know very well. You’re going to remember the look on your fiance’s face as you walked down the aisle, your dad’s tears as he held you in his arms, and all of the special, personal details that made it a true celebration of your unique love story. 

This is a once in a lifetime event- make sure it reflects what’s most important to you! Happy planning!

Micro Wedding in Charleston

Love, Samantha Jean is a fine art destination elopement and intimate wedding photographer based in Charleston, South Carolina. To inquire about my photography services, please click here.


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